There are known techniques which make a woman come that start with passionate foreplay. Foreplay is not boring and it is actually one of the easiest way to make your woman come faster. You can use foreplay on her by kissing and touching hot and sexyher all over, skipping over her most sensitive areas until she is begging for release. You can also use foreplay away from the bedroom and get your woman going wild with a simple text message . Then unclothe her yourself, do it gently then quietly lay her on the bed with her knees bent, and her legs kept apart.

Then start performing oral sex, it’s important to first focus on her clitoris directly but it can backfires as this part of her body is always too sensitive, especially when aroused. Instead, move the tongue around from side to side of her clitoris head, especially the upper left and right sides before slipping your tongue under the hood. At this point, her vagina would have been wet thereby calling for your attention.

Insert your finger into her wet vagina, carefully stimulating her G-Spot in a manner as if you are bidding someone to come with the normal “come” here sign. Continue and do it faster. She will start to make some moaning sounds as you finger her. In a short time, she will be ready for penetration.

Then insert the penis into her, use a variation of the missionary position, in this style you put your chest next toher chin so that your penis penetration is forced straight downward. This will rubs her G-spot more and more works much better if you place her legs near your shoulder or head to give full effect. In a short time, your woman will bust into a hot, loud, and screaming. At this point you have Make a woman come.